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@robertdowneyJr Bros.


@robertdowneyJr Bros.

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you know how in musicals the couple will start singing the same song no matter how far apart they are

what if that happened in real life

what if you were just at a restaurant one day and you started rANDOMLY SINGING because your soulmate decided to sing a duet in the shower

"yes, I would like the bacon and eggs breakfast speciAND AT LAST I SEE THE LIGHT, AND IT’S LIKE THE FOG HAS LIFTED."

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fun prank: wake up during open heart surgery and sing don’t go breakin’ my heart to the surgeon

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why do people have like 74973 different names for these


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This moment should be taught in history class

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when ur sad always remember that u don’t look like you did in 6th grade

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South American Tour 2011. {part 1}

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